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[texts]Super Slow
Super Slow
Keywords: Slowness
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[audio]NNN(drone1)aif-xLOOP-RachMslashD-4569 - Michael Beijer
a soundhacked rachmaninov said once while falling down the stairs hey why don't you turn as you are falling around and see her beautiful face
Keywords: michael beijer;; rietveld art academy; electronic music; blog; rachmaninov; soundhack; minreel bayron; slowness
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[movies]AIDS 90 Quarterly - Michael Aldrich
AIDS, Quarterly, Martin Delaney & Slowness of the FDA, Money & Morals, December 1989- January 1990. See scans of liner notes for detailed content.
Keywords: vhs; AIDS; San Francisco; Oakland; Berkeley; Quarterly; Martin Delaney & Slowness of the FDA; Money & Morals; December 1989; January 1990
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[movies]AIDS 90 Quarterly - Michael Aldrich
AIDS, Quarterly, Martin Delaney & Slowness of the FDA, Money & Morals, December 1989. See scans of liner notes for detailed content.
Keywords: vhs; AIDS; San Francisco; Oakland; Berkeley; AIDS; Quarterly; Martin Delaney & Slowness of the FDA; Money & Morals; December 1989
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[audio]Sheep Tracks - Julian Yates, University of Delaware,
Featured Talk delivered by Julian Yates for "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Early Modern and Medieval Periods" Conference, hosted by George Washington University's Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute @George Washington University, 11-12 April 2011.
Keywords: Bruno Latour; Michel Serres; Carlo Ginzburg; Donna Haraway; Derrida; Thelma Rowell; biomaterialism; slowness/lingering; sheep tracks/traces; archives; sheepy metaphors; regimes of description; the pastoral; post/humanism; human-animal writing machines; conviviality/hospitality; politeness
Downloads: 64
[audio]You Are Here: A Manifesto - Eileen A. Joy, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville,
Featured Talk delivered by Eileen Joy for "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Early Modern and Medieval Periods" Conference, hosted by George Washington University's Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute @George Washington University, 11-12 April 2011.
Keywords: things; sentient objects; the Absolute; materiality; networks; object-oriented studies; speculative realism; implicate order; slowness; natality; vicarious causation; hetero-queer reproduction; ethics; literary studies; Jane Bennett; Graham Harman; Timothy Morton; J.G. Ballard
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[movies]Tribal Medicines of Chhattisgarh and Odisha for Modern Diseases: Films by Pankaj Oudhia (Part-216 to Part-220) - Pankaj Oudhia
Indian states Chhattisgarh and Odisha are rich in Biodiversity. Pankaj Oudhia is documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and insects since year 1990. This series is an effort to present Herbal Wealth of these states through movies. There are over 15000 movies in this series.   Related Links Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines by Pankaj Oudhia Compilation of Pankaj Oudhia’s Research and Documentation work on ...
Keywords: Ethnobotany; Traditional Biological Knowledge; Tribal Medicines; Folk Remedies; Medicinal Plants of India; Raw Drugs; Biodiversity; Healing Flora; Adivasi Medicines; Traditional Knowledge Documentation; When flow is interrupted by sudden spasms of urethra; Mucus in urine but not pus; Beginning of inflammatory stricture; Urine stops suddenly and does not begin to flow for some moments; In acute cases of Difficult urination when due to poisoning or suppression from cold; Difficult urination with lumbago-like pain; Urine can only be passed by pressing the abdominal muscles; Great pain after passing urine; Can pass urine only when standing; Urine only dribbles down when sitting; Wonder Drugs; Burning or scalding before during and after urination; Urging and straining but cannot pass a drop; Urine scalding and burning; Must press the organs for a long time before urine passes; Urine seems to pass at glans and returns and causes pain in urethra; Urination impeded; Obliged to wait before the urine is passed and then it flows slowly; Feels as if some urine always remains behind in bladder; Cannot pass urine in the presence of other persons; Cannot pass urine in a public place; Paramparik Gyan; Cannot urinate without having the bowels moved; Spasmodic suppression of urine; He must strain to urinate; There is tenesmus and urging during urination; The bladder is full and the urine dribbles away yet when he strains it ceases to dribble; Cannot pass urine in the presence of other persons; Bloody urine with red sediments; Paralytic weakness of bladder; Ineffectual urging to urinate; Discharge of mucus and pus from urethra; Medicinal Orchids; Burning whilst urinating; Unsatisfactory feeling in the bladder after urination; Difficulty in passing urine which is in thin stream; Sometimes bifurcated (Urine); Burning in Urine and sometimes takes a long time to empty the bladder (sometimes a few drops of blood are passed at the end); Urine passed only by going down on knees since confinement or two weeks previously; Must get down on all fours to urinate; Child screams before urinating (from inflammation of mucus membrane); Hot urine burns like fire; Slowness in passing urine and stool owing to paralytic state of the rectum and bladder; Wild Healing Mushrooms; Has to sit a long time before the flow starts with inability to pass and then stream flows slowly; Cannot hurry the flow of urine; Sometimes urine is retained and it dribbles involuntarily; Urine voided while straining at stool or cannot pass urine without such straining; Wetting the bed unconsciously during first part of the night; Wetting the bed unconsciously when blowing the nose; Wetting the bed unconsciously during night when cold; Wetting the bed unconsciously during coughing; Wetting the bed unconsciously during laughing or sneezing; Wetting the bed unconsciously Worse from cold; Medicinal Insects and Mites; Paralysis of the bladder affecting the muscles of expulsion resulting in retention of the urine and of the sphincter vesical which causes involuntary urination not even feeling that the stream of urine is passing; Bed-wetting in patients suffering from headache; Urine escapes in the first part of the night especially in hot patients; Involuntary urination when coughing; Wetting the bed following measles; Involuntary urination in yellow sickly girls; Wetting the bed during first sleep; Passes urine within two hours of going to bed; Urine escapes when sitting quiet; No difficulty in holding the urine when walking; Traditional Knowledge about insects; Dribbling of urine when moving; Involuntary urination on hearing sound of running water; Involuntary urination after typhoid; Involuntary urination during convulsions; Urination involuntary in sleep; The bed that has been wetted several time becomes uncleanable; Urine dribbles out involuntarily due to paralysis of the bladder; Involuntary urination during the first part of the night when it is difficult to wake up the child owing to too profound a sleep; Patient dreams he is urinating in a decent manner; Enuresis and dysuria; Entomophagy; When wetting the bed is without any tangible cause except habit; Involuntary urination while walking or sleeping; Involuntary urination during pregnancy or after labor (delivery ); Involuntary urination with thirst and fear; Enuresis nocturnal Feels better in cold; Involuntary urination in Pale lean children with large abdomen who love sugar and highly seasoned food; Irresistible desire to urinate on seeing water running from a hydrant; Enuresis following suppression of eczema or eruption or after severe acute illness; Patient is chilly and dreads washing; Wetting the bed during full moon; Entomotherapy; Nocturnal enuresis; Passing large quantities of pungent smelling urine or scanty or highly colored or copious pale urine with pungent odor; Involuntary urination Worse during menstruation; Dribbling of urine; Painful tenesmus of the bladder; Severe pain at the conclusion of urination; Involuntary urination during sleep; Polyuria during night and normal urination during the day time; Craving for sugar and hot drinks; Urine copious and involuntary with worm symptoms; Forest People; Ill tempered children with fear of the dark and of being left alone; Low grade inflammation around the genitals particularly in females; Involuntary urination during motion and whilst playing when it dribbles and keeps the clothing wet; Involuntary urination stoops when at rest; Wetting of bed during night; Passing urine in dream which wakes up the patient; Constant urge to pass urine during the day and wetting the bed during the night; Perspires easily; Appetite poor; Involuntary escape of urine especially on coughing or movement; Chhattisgarh Biodiversity; Vertigo when trying to rise; Objects whirl before the eyes; Eyes sunken with contracted pupils; Paralysis of bladder hence involuntary urination; Involuntary urination during night detected on awakening; Frequent and profuse urination; Frequent urination due to indigestion; Passing urine about thirty times in the night due to nephralgia and cystitis; Dribbling of urine; Increased flow of urine; Odisha Biodiversity; Hot scalding with stinging in urine; Frequent urination; Dribbling of urine on slightest provocation; Has to keep continuously his mind on it or urine will escape; Frequent urination at night urge to urinate but is takes a long time before he is able to urinate; Frequent urination after drinking coffee; Involuntary urination In hysteria; Constant desire to pass urine at night; Cystitis; Difficult urination; Medicinal Millets; Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations; Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India; Medicinal Plant Database; Famine Food plants; Emergency herbs; Medicinal weeds; Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM); Flora of Bastar; Flora of Kanker; Flora of Raipur and Durg; Flora of Dhamtari; Flora of Bilaspur; Flora of Raigarh; Flora of Jashpur; Flora of Surguja; Flora of Rajnandgaon; Flora of Ambikapur; Flora of Korba; Flora of Keshkal; Flora of Sukma; Flora of Dantewada; Flora of Gandhamardan Hills; Flora of Orissa; Flora of Niyamgiri; Flora of Chhattisgarh; Flora of Odisha; Flora of Narsinghnath; Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh; Folk Healers of Odisha; Traditional Vaidyas of India; Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants; Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas; Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas; Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas; Traditional Medicinal Practices of India; छत्तीसगढ़ के पारम्परिक व्यंजन और उनके औषधीय घटक; Prehistoric medicines of Chhattisgarh; Economic plants in Archeology of Chhattisgarh and Odisha; Burning in urine which is only passed drop by drop with erections; Burning after urination; Burning in urethra when not urinating; Burning stops while urinating; Burning on beginning to urinate with urination every one hour day and night; Great irritation in the bladder with constant urge to urinate; Burning along the whole length of urethra (sensitive to jar); Burning in urine with involuntary discharge of urine; Burning with suppression of urine; Burning during urination; Urine scanty and bloody; Burning before urination; When last drop causes violent irritation and burning; Constant desire with scanty urination and If not attended to it gives a feeling of congestion in the chest; Constant urination; Pain in bladder as if too full not relived by urination; Irresistible desire to urinate on seeing running water; Urgent desire to urinate (It may escape is not attended to quickly); Urgent desire to stool and to urinate; Constant desire to urinate in uterine neuralgia; Great desire to urinate with scanty discharge; Frequent and urgent desire to urinate (stream feeble); Sensation as if a drop remained in urethra after urinating; Desire to pass urine on seeing running water; Constant desire to urinate; Urine deep orange; Urine of a strong smell like horse’s urine; Constant urging to urinate in young married women; Constant desire to pass urine about every half hour day and night; There is burning during and after passing urine; Burning of scalding and painful emission of urine; Urine is passed drop by drop; Constant ineffectual desire for urination; Constriction of urethra; Emission of urine in drops; Chronic cystitis; Suppression of urine in hysterical cases; Burning and soreness when urinating with Frequent desire; Passes only a few drops of Urine which is scanty and highly colored
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